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Coming out of high school I was primarily a field goal kicker. Coach Chris and KICKNATION simplified the fundamentals for me and took my punting and kickoffs to the next level. I attribute the majority of my success to what KICKNATION and Chris taught and reinforced to me throughout my entire career. You will not find a kicking coach that works harder for and cares more about the success of his athletes. Coach Chris and the whole KICKNATION family are truly passionate about what they do, and the resume of their kickers and punters directly reflects that. I want to thank Chris and the KICKNATION family for their commitment and effort towards my success. I could not have gotten to the level I did without them. I am now proud to say that since I retired from football, I am on the other side of KICKNATION and part of the team giving back with what I learned along the way and building success in others…



Oklahoma State
2008 Ray Guy Award Winner
Big 12 All Conference Punter
2009 NFL Combine
OSU Record Holder

I would like to give a huge thanks to Chris Shaw, KICKNATION for coaching, training, and pushing me to be the best I can be. Ever since we met back in high school these guys have worked with me and brought my skill level of kicking and punting to a totally different level. When you ask who the best in the business is, there is no other than KICKNATION. I have had a great experience in the past with y’all Chris and the KN Team and hopefully looking forward to having many more years of training for the pros. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication y’all gave to me. Love you guys.



LSU Kicker
All-SEC Second Team All-American Honorable Mention
Lou Groza Semifinalist
LSU Record Holder

Working with Chris from high school and into the NFL I credit my success both on and off the field to him. The fundaments, drill work, and attention to detail given by him are tailored to each players needs, providing a one of a kind work environment. His teaching principles gave me the tools necessary to succeed at the highest levels of athletics. Without the knowledge I gained through Chris, I would have been unable to effectively pursue my childhood goals. While success originates from an individual’s determination and work ethic, Chris provides the tools necessary for players to thrive at the highest levels of competition. I am forever grateful for the personal time and effort Chris dedicated to ensuring my success. Each award, honor, and trophy I received partially belongs to him as none would have been possible without his oversight.



CPT Owen Tolson
Battle Captain
4-5 AMD BN
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Army punter and kicker 2005-2007
Holds all punting records in school history
2007 Ranked #7 nationally with 45.0 yd punt average
One of five punters selected 2008 NFL Combine
College Football News All-American 2007
Phil Steele’s All Independent Team 2005, 2006, 2007
Dallas Morning News HS All-Area Team, 2004
Dallas Morning News Top 100 College Recruits, 2004

To any mom or dad willing to take a chance, I was a 4 year letter winner at the United States Naval Academy, and I can say with 100% certainty that wouldn’t be the case without Chris and our team at KICKNATION. My kicking journey started on a hot summer day in Houston as a 14 year old kid, and it is still going strong as a 25 year old Naval Officer. Chris has been there for me as a high school junior who thought he was being overlooked, to a senior in college the night before the Army Navy Game who was struggling to turn a punt over. Being part of KICKNATION has been life defining, and any one willing to make the investment will surely reap the benefits of the best coaching in the America.



United States Naval Academy
Ray Guy Semifinalist
All-Conference Punter
Navy Record Holder

Upon graduation, I only had one offer to a D2 school, which was only offering a partial scholarship. I did not punt in high school, nor had I ever tried to. I was a receiver and kicker for my high school team, but my college team wanted me to learn. It was after my first year of college, in my process of transferring, that I met Chris. He was instrumental to me in this process. he helped me discover my passion for punting, and opened up a door for me at Texas Tech University, which has enabled me to pursue my dream! I will always be grateful for the training and the time he spent with me, helping me grow and develop into the punter I am today. KICNATION and Coach Chris give that extra edge beyond the game, but get to know you as a person and a player.



Minnesota Vikings
Record Holder Texas Tech Red Raiders
Big 12 All-Conference Punter
Ray Guy Semifinalist

I started my kicking career with KICKNATION before my senior year of high school. After making the team at UTSA and having a below average first season, Chris inspired me to reach my full potential and showed me how to do that. I then became one of the best kickers in college football and the all-time leading scorer at UTSA. Now, as an NFL free agent, I wouldn’t train with anyone else, and I’m glad I had Chris to get me started.



Lou Groza Semifinalist
All-Conference Kicker
UTSA Record Holder

I have been working with Coach Chris and the KICKNATION team since high school and they have been a huge part of my transformation from a high school kicker to a Division 1 starter (University of Toledo). Coach Chris and Coach Clinton stayed by my side helping me grow throughout my high school,early college and junior college years and is a big reason why I received a full ride scholarship to The University of Toledo. I have kicked with Chris for more than 6 years and although I have had some difficulties, like any kicker at times, he has always taken the time and has the knowledge to adjust me back to the kicker I knew I could be. He focuses on the little things and pushes drill work that, if done persistently, will bring anyone success. Overall, Coach Chris and his Team are a great group of guys that have gone through everything a kicker can go through, so I could always relate to them and talk to them about any issue on and off the field. I recommend KICKNATION to any kicker who is looking to take their game to the next level.



University of Toledo

I have been working with Chris and since my sophomore year in high school. Since then I have been the starting kicker at Texas Tech University for 4 years on a full-scholarship. I have completely transformed as a specialist in the 6yrs I have been working with Chris and KICKNATION. The fundamentals, skills, and drill work that I have taken from my years of camps and personal training with Chris have conformed me into the kicker I am today. No matter how many times I have worked with KICKNATION, I have always been able to take a different tool or observation to help me become that much better of a kicker. Not only has Chris been my coach on the field, but also my mentor off the field. He has opened his family to me and shared his past experiences to help me be successful in my career. I believe in KICKNATION, and appreciate everything they have helped me accomplish!



Texas Tech University
K/P 2008-2011

KICKNATION has been a huge part of my life not only on the field but off as well. The friendships you carry on from KICKNATION are everlasting. The brotherhood environment you get when training with KN is like no other. You can count on not only Coach Chris Shaw but also your brothers who train in this family environment with you. Everyone pushes each other week in and week out. Pushing the bar and making you level out and push you to your potential. Trust in the process and getting better every week with the guys is what KICKNATION is all about.



Grambling State U
Class of 2018
2x All-American
SWAC Record Holder
Grambling Record Holder

I was a client of KICKNATION for over 10 years and can truly say they are the premier program to develop your abilities. Through the years I attended high school and college camps, individual lessons, and group sessions with kickers from all over the country. Through each session, I was challenged and given valuable critiques and tips to improve my kicking/punting abilities. I can truly say that without KICKNATION, I would never have gotten the opportunity to play for Oklahoma State University. If you are looking to compete with some of the best in the country, receive instruction from collegiate and past award winners, KICKNATION is where you need to be. I strongly recommend to any young kicker/punter/snapper looking to improve their game and give themselves a chance at the next level, contact Coach Chris and his team at KICKNATION and get to work.



K/P 2014-2018

“KICKNATION and Coach Chris are like my second family. I trained with him for over 10 years and can say he is one of the best in the business. My FGs and KOs both saw tremendous growth in height, distance, and accuracy. From fundamentals to mental preparation to life preparation, he is always there to talk and help.”



Pittsburgh State University

Being a part of the KICKANTION family has not only greatly improved my deep snapping skills but also allowed me to grow as an athlete, teammate, and friend. The college camps that I attended allowed me to refine my abilities with some of the best specialists in college football. The coaching was one on one and was not broad across the camp. You truly get instruction special to your improvement. Coach Shaw has created a network of athletes that enjoy helping specialists and passing on knowledge to younger generations. You are not just another number or camper at KICKANTION, you are given all the attention you need to become a great specialist and part of a family.




Chris Shaw of KickNation has been my coach since 8th grade. With his guidance and training I was able to achieve my goals of becoming the starting kicker for Allen High School as well as the starting kicker at a Division 1 college program which included receiving a scholarship. He has not only helped me navigate the college recruiting process but has also been instrumental in helping me choose an agent and prepare for the next level. Chris is not just a coach to me but also a friend and a mentor. In this industry you come across people who are in it just to make money, but I have never felt that at KickNation. I feel that Chris has always looked out for my best interest, and I really appreciate that.



University of Arkansas
Class of 2019
All-SEC Team
2x Lou Groza Semifinalist
Arkansas Record Holder

After the first time I trained with KICKNATION my confidence and consistency improved tremendously. Coach Shaw and his staff pay attention to the details and believe quality is greater than quantity. From Highschool to College, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to understand how passionate and bright Coach Shaw is about the process and his approach, more importantly, builds the athletes confidence to trust in themselves. He believes in your abilities to reach all-time highs and the purpose he puts into his trainings and athletes is unbeatable. KICKNATION’S attention to detail and knowledge of maximizing player performance is the best in the business. Also, Coach Chris and his team not only watch out for you on the field, but watch out for you throughout the recruiting process, from game to game, and outside of Football as family. I would recommend KICKNATION to any player who is passionate about your kicking and punting goals and willingness to see great improvement, distill confidence in oneself, and be a part of a lifelong family.



UTSA Roadrunners
Class of 2018
Ray Guy Semifinalist
William V. Campbell Trophy Semifinalist
Record Holder

“Any kicker or punter looking to take their game to the next level, I highly recommend Coach Chris and KICKNATION.  Working with KICKNATION since high school led me to having a successful career at Texas Tech University. I was very fortunate to be a 3 year starting place kicker, Lou Groza Award semi finalist, and set school records. The kicking philosophy, attention to detail, personal instruction, and drills are second to none. Coach Chris truly cares about his athletes both on and off the field.  Look no further than KICKNATION if you’re ready to take that next step.”



Texas Tech University
BIG-12 All-Conference
Lou Groza Semifinalist
Texas Tech Record Holder

Coach Chris and all of KICKNATION welcomed me with open arms. I came to Coach Chris and his staff to fine tune my punting. He went above and beyond and was there for me every step of the way. I would send him film during the week and he would get back to me on what I needed to focus on. Coach Chris and his staff are always there when you need them and that’s what sets them apart from the other kicking coaches. Their attention to detail and focus was a key factor in my success.



Oklahoma State