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Matt Bayliss

Special Teams Consultant
National Snapping Coach

Matt began training as a snapper in the 5th grade and snapped throughout his entire high school career. He played football at UTSA from 2013 to 2017 and during that time he earned a scholarship and was a starter for 4 years. He handled all snapping duties for all four years and ended his career with no bad snaps. He earned multiple special team player of the week awards and was captain in big time games such as Arizona State, Baylor, and Houston. He played in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl in 2016. He earned a Pre-Season All-Conference USA Award, an All-Conference USA Honorable Mention Award, and a 2nd Team All-Conference USA Award. After college he attended the Husted Pro Kicking and Snapping camp in Arizona and scored the highest score out of any snapper.

Matt has been part of KICKNATION since his Junior year of high school. Was a standout snapper for UTSA.  Matt prepped and trained for one year for the NFL and now is part of the KICKNATION staff training snappers and passing along the solid foundation of preparation, development, and attention to detail to all young snappers.

Major: B.A. Geological Sciences

Education: Univ. of Texas San Antonio 2018